FCCS Brown Bag Luncheon Series

Creative and Critical Studies Faculty share their research by delivering recent conference papers.

All session are in the Creative and Critical Studies building. Rooms are listed below.

Monday, March 2 | Room: CCS 221

Chair: Matt Rader

Breaking Boundaries: Curating a Research-based Museum Exhibition
Suzanne Gott, assistant professor of art history & visual culture

Ecology and/of/in Performance
Virginie Magnat, associate professor of interdisciplinary performance

Tuesday, March 3 | Room: CCS 142

Chair: Oliver Lovesey

Elegy and Eulogy in The Battle of Maldon
Michael Treschow, associate professor of English

The Peace of Empires and the Empire of Peace in Shakespeare and Levinas
Sean Lawrence, associate professor of English

Wednesday, March 4 | Room: CCS 221

Chair: Virginie Magnat

Being Zoo: Bestial Humans and Sexual Animals
Greg Garrard, associate professor of sustainability

Artful Doing: Designing Reflective Experience for Sustainability Practice
Aleksandra Dulic, assistant professor of new media, drawing

Thursday, March 5 | Room: CCS 142

Chair Mercedes Duran Cogan

Traveling Classification: George Eliot and the Postcolonial
Oliver Lovesey, associate professor of English

East Germany’s Ecological Revolution: The Third Way
Martin Blum, associate professor of English

Friday, March 6 | Room: CCS 142

Chair Kyong Yoon

Bravo, Canada boys!: Pope, Pound, Owen, and the Politics of Pro Patria Mori
Anderson Araujo, assistant professor of English

Novel Interventions: Narrating Canada’s First World War Internment Operations into Public Memory
Lisa Grekul, associate professor of English